Ashton Rawstron sailing across Bass Strait on a WASZP


Sailing Across Bass Strait

I am asking for your support in fulfilling my lifelong dream of sailing a Waszp through the Bass Strait. In return for your sponsorship, your brand will be promoted by an incredible achievement that will have significant media coverage through news outlets, social media, and a dedicated media team.
Since I was young, I have set big goals for myself and have always strived to achieve them. I am proud to have represented Australia in the Int Cadet and placed 5th in the 2018 worlds. I have also won a Vic State Championship in the Int Cadet and have won many club championships in the Int Cadet. In 2020, I made the move to bigger and faster boats, such as the 29er and Waszp. I won a club championship on the 29er, and now I am focusing on sailing my Waszp.
My dream goal is to sail a Waszp through the Bass Strait, starting at Wilsons Promontory, Victoria, and finishing at Stanley, Tasmania. This journey covers 115 nautical miles and should take me 7-8 hours at an average speed of 15 knots. To achieve this time, I will need an average speed of 15 knots and a wind direction of 35-65 degrees, 13-16 knots of breeze with minimal waves. My current average speed on the Waszp is 19.1 knots.
To ensure a safe journey, I will need a chase boat capable of crossing the Bass Strait and rescuing a dinghy. I will also need a VHF radio that can fit in my life jacket, an EPIRB that can fit in my life jacket, flares on my body at all times, PFD type 1 with pockets, a first aid kit carried by the support boat, and food and water carried on my boat and the support boat.
Your sponsorship would make a significant impact on my journey to achieve this goal. With your support, I can make my dream a reality while promoting your brand through my journey.


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